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Crafting a Vibrant Brand Identity for Wellness in New Zealand!

In the vibrant heart of Hamilton, New Zealand, a new wellness beacon is illuminating the supplement industry – Aroha. At DigiDala, we embarked on a thrilling collaboration, a project destined to redefine Aroha's identity and leave a lasting impression.




Logo Design


Health and Wellness

Our journey commenced with a deep dive into Aroha's vision, values, and the unique narrative they aspired to convey. Through meticulous design processes, we sculpted a logo that not only symbolizes health but also encapsulates the very spirit of New Zealand's holistic well-being.

The result surpasses mere branding; it's a visual testament to the unwavering dedication and passion driving Aroha's mission - Care for Health.

Unique and professional logo design services.
Experienced freelance graphic designer in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Need a new logo or on-point brand design? Let DigiDala create exactly what you are looking for.

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