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Crafting a New Brand Identity for Leaders in Aluminum Products.

Welcome to the showcase of our latest project at DigiDala – the comprehensive rebranding of ScreenPro. This endeavor was not just about designing a logo; it was a holistic transformation of the brand's identity, including a new website design and the creation of custom product illustrations and animations.




Logo Design
Graphic Design
Custom Illustration
Product Animation
Website Design


Home Improvement and Building Supplies

When a prominent player in the aluminum products industry, based in Hamilton, Waikato, approached us at DigiDala, they were on the hunt for a new logo. Our goal? To inject fresh, modern energy into their brand, starting with a logo that not only resonated with their audience but also paid homage to their legacy of quality and innovation.

We didn't just stop at the logo. We plunged into designing their website, creating a sleek, user-friendly platform that's as visually appealing as it is easy to navigate.

We produced custom illustrations and animations for ScreenPro's products. These creations aren't merely eye-catching; they're vibrant and engaging, showcasing what sets their amenity enclosures apart in a competitive market.

This project was a true labor of love at DigiDala. We're ecstatic to see how our creative flair has helped ScreenPro shine brighter in the digital world. Watching everything come together has been incredible, and we share in their excitement as we watch their brand continue to grow and evolve.

Professional catalogue design for showcasing products and services.
Well-designed layout for print and digital materials.

Connect with us today and let's craft a digital experience that truly represents your brand's essence. Your journey towards an unforgettable brand identity starts here!

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